Create Your Own Walker Step 6/10 Control Panels


KRAFT offers various options depending on customer needs. 

Control Panels are presented with three different designs and an additional

Programmable Control Panel. A detailed operation manual is included with each purchase.

Power supply:

220 volts/16 amps, some Rail-Gliding and Ring-Gliding Horse Walkers may require 400 volts/16 amps.

1. Type A:  On/Off, Direction and Duration Are Adjustable, Automatic Change of                    Direction, Gradual Speed Adjustment, With Safety Features

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2. Type C:  Type A + Automatic Left/Right Adjustment As Well As Directional Setting

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3. Type E:  Type C + Walk/Trot Program

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4. Type I:  Programmable Direction, Programmable Duration, Programmable                            Speed, Design up to 5 different programs using a touchpad

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