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A company with a fine tradition:

Performance, expertise and service - Rampelmann & Spliethoff produces Platz-Max arena levellers for all kinds of footings.

Leveller supplier of major equestrian events all around the globe.

“We prepare riding surfaces for winners!”

Thorough and sustained maintenance for all riding surfaces: loosening, mixing, smoothing and tilling in one quick step with the arena leveller of RS-Platz-Max.

The Platz-Max® Maxi is ideal for footings with problems.

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Arena Levellers & Field Maintenance

Let dung become fertilizer again.

We believe grazing land to be the most important aspect in a health horse.

To sustain the precious pastures and to even enhance their quality we developed the Hippodung-Combimulcher by Platz-Max.

With its unique system of mulching grass and horse dung while simultanouesly sprinkling the mulched material with the Weideaktivator we maintain pastures in a labour-saving, costefficient way, while working sustainably and environmentally-friendly.

Platz Max Logo.png
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