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From a simple horse stall to the finished barn with gates & windows. Our product range includes everything needed for stables, including outdoor stables & paddocks. Smart & sophisticated solutions made with high quality workmanship. We opt for quality and devote a great deal of attention to the choice of materials and finishes of our products. We will be happy to help you realize a top quality interior of your stable.


Stables - Boxes & Accessories


  • horse stalls consist of a system with loose walls that can always be disassembled and built up again.

  • the horse stalls are available
    in two types: Standard and Professional, which differ mainly in the height of the walls, the strength of the frame, the thickness and the distance between the bars and the locks, rails and hinges used.

  • all horse stalls are supplied in a hot-dip galvanised finish and are optionally available with a colour coating.

  • high quality strong synthetic boards, with hardwood and bamboo as alternatives.

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