Create Your Own Walker Step 2/10 Roofing Selection

KRAFT Horse Walkers can have a partial roof (walking surface only) or a complete roof. Selection depends on your walker model, needs or building codes.

Partial or Complete

  • Ground Standing

  • Rail Gliding

  • Ring Gliding

Complete Only

  • Ceiling Mounted

All roofing types are suitable for a snow load of 3.5 KN/m².

Roofings can be delivered in various colours depending on the RAL colours of the manufacturer.

1.Type B: Asphalt Shingle Roofing Material With Underlayment & Edge Trim

2.Type C: Metal Roofing Material

3.Type D: Fiber Cement Corrugated Panel Roofing Material

4.Type E: Roof Tile Roofing Material With Optional Underlayment & Frame Work

5.Type G: ISO Sandwich Panel Roofing Material



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