The purpose of the hanging/rotating gates is to create partitions so that multiple horses can safely train at the same time and independent of each other.

Hanging/rotating gates motivate horses to walk, provide direction as well as speed. They are designed with the utmost safety standards and offer horses a sufficient range of motion. The hanging/ rotating gates are hung at a height of 2.3 m (7.5′) and are 2.2 m (7′) wide. KRAFT recommends a minimum distance of 7 m (23′) between the gates. The number of partitions depends on the size of the horse walker.

1. Type A:  Standard - Galvanized Mesh & Rubber, Weight 60 kg, Galvanized Mesh,


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2. Type C:  Rubber - Perforated Conducting Rubber

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3. Type D:  Roll Up - Automatic Retractable Type C

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